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Welcome to Credale Nursery


The nursery has been developed over a period of 10 years by Clare Beasley and Ed Smith, both graduates of Merrist Wood Horticultural College in Guildford; since leaving college they have amassed a wealth of experience both in the UK and the USA...some 40 years between them in all. Their main interest has focussed on the hybrids of Helleborus Orientalis and the winter flowering Helleborus Niger (Christmas Rose) and the many varieties of the Japanese Maple (Acer sp.) These are now the main products of the nursery, although they are supported by a whole variety of other plants.

Helleborus appear early in the year when the weather is cold, and when most other plants are still dormant. They offer the opportunity of a wide range of welcome colour. Helleborus are but nature promiscuous and produce a great many seedling. As a result a whole variety of colours and petal patterns appear. This gives an opportunity for selective breeding to perpetuate some of the more spectacular colours and patterns, as well as bloom size and leaf forms.

Helleborus enjoy somewhat shady conditions and can be grown to advantage beneath a wide variety of trees say,

Japanese Maples. (There is a demonstration bed at Credale to illustrate this)

The Japanese Maples are grafted onto either home-grown (from seed) maple stocks, or onto hardy North American stocks specially imported from contacts personally developed during work on and subsequent visits to the USA; varieties are constantly being increased, some unique to "Credale" through the expertise of Ed Smith. Their delicate foliage and colours perfectly enhancing even the smallest garden. For the big gardens there are many large trees in containers. At the other end of the scale are seed-grown acers raised in very controlled conditions designed for Bonsai plants. These miniature plants can be very spectacular.

Japanese maples are adaptable -and easy to grow (well drained soil, sun and dappled shade) and need very little pruning. Their variety is never-ending.

While Credale is not like a Garden Centre ordinarily open to the public for casual retail sales, the plants can be viewed and your needs discussed with Clare (Hellebores) or Ed (Acers) if you could telephone for an appointment.

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